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    Our catalogue functions like an order form; it’s not a shop, but it’s very similar. The process is simple:

    1. Browse our products
    2. Make your selections
    3. Add to your basket
    4. Add your details
    5. Submit your request

    We’ll get back to you with all the information you need – product availability, specific instructions and an invoice. Most important, we’ll connect you with an AXIS team member, to make sure you get the best advice based on our extensive experience – and on your particular needs.

    Transport costs vary depending on the size of the order – and consequently, the size of the vehicle used to deliver the order. Rates are calculated per ‘loaded km’ from office to suburb, so we work them out for each individual order. We include these fees in your quote to make for a seamless, easy order process, with no hidden costs to surprise you at the end.

    The price you pay to hire one of our products is just a fraction of the product’s actual purchase price. Every product has a replacement value, and in the event of damage, loss or breakage, this amount is invoiced to you as a ‘shortage invoice’ in addition to your hiring invoice.

    To reduce the hassle of paying for this extra shortage invoice, you are charged a refundable shortage deposit before your event. If your shortage invoice totals more than this deposit, we simply ask you to settle the difference at your earliest convenience.

    We suggest collecting orders under the value of R1,000. Generally, you can collect your order on a Friday and return it on the following Monday – and you will only be charged for one hire.

    Our online checkout system functions as an order form; it’s not a shop, but it’s very similar.

    Product availability for your particular event date cannot be guaranteed until confirmed by a dedicated client liaison. This is to prevent double bookings, and where products are unavailable, your client liaison will recommend similar products. Once your order is placed, everything is confirmed and you’ve received your invoice, you’ll be directed to a number of payment options.

    For more information, see ‘Can I shop online? above.

    We offer the following options to make paying easier for you:

    1. Normal EFT
    2. Credit/debit card machine at one of our showrooms
    3. Masterpass, which is compatible with Snapscan

    We aim to make ordering as convenient as possible. Paying for shortages (i.e. breakages, lost items – if any) after the event takes up more of your valuable time, whereas a refundable deposit requires no extra action from you.

    We pride ourselves on reimbursing any amount due to you within 48 hours of sending the invoice – so there’s no need to worry about following up!

    Axis Event Solutions (PTY) Ltd
    FNB: Business Cheque Account
    Account No: 53680063261
    Branch Code: 200912

    Short-term hire is the hiring of equipment for a 1-day event, whereas long-term hire refers to extended rental periods.

    Long-term hire is simply rental on a month-to-month basis, at a reduced rate, with the offer to purchase available on completion of the rental term. It is perfect for certain commercial projects and semi-permanent industrial kitchens, as well as start-ups looking to free up their cash flow and relieve the burden of start-up costs.

    We offer long-term hire within the category of commercial catering equipment, furniture, tent infrastructure and field maintenance equipment/disaster relief. Besides providing these goods, we also offer the logistics and the contractual know-how for these unique situations. Get in touch to discuss your particular needs.

    We have a wide variety of cover sizes ranging from small (30-person) tents to big (500-person) tents. Have a look at our measuring sliding scale monitor to determine the best solution for your needs.