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    A ‘never say no’ legacy

    Alf Downing started Downing Event Hire during the mid-90s, and it began operating primarily as an event equipment rental company. Because of his ‘never say no’ attitude to client requests, the business quickly expanded to offer solution-based requirements and expert advice as well. In short, the desire to answer each client’s individual needs led to an innovative, bespoke approach to developing eventing solutions. By offering people not only an extensive catalogue of rental products, but also expertise and connections to the best industry partners, Downing’s created something quite unique: a range of services under one roof, a single point of contact to streamline the organising process for the client.

    As Downing’s grew in scope, it grew in reputation, becoming the go-to event hire specialists for a range of different clients. It also grew in people – as a family business with new generations gradually coming on board. Marc first got involved in 2016, learning the ins and outs of the business and the industry under his stepfather, Alf Downing.

    We’re as committed as we were 25 years ago
    – when our company started out as Downing Event Hire, or Downing’s, as it was affectionately known.

    New name, same DNA

    2020 saw a new chapter for the business as Marc took the lead, 4 years on, to head up the company. With the new chapter, came a new name – signalling the next generation of ownership and the strong, simple meaning behind everything we do: providing a fixed point, the stable coordinates, to centre a world of possibilities.

    And while our name has changed, our DNA remains. Our catalogue still covers a wide range of event hire equipment. Our networks continue to stretch across country and continent. And our industry experience spans ever more decades.

    But to our clients, we’re simply AXIS.